Welcome to Mistwatch Sept. Overlooking San Francisco Bay, Mistwatch is housed in a rather dilapidated tenement block. Most couldn’t tell you who lived there. Or if anyone lived there. Rats probably. And seagulls. Lots of ‘em. Garou wish they had the luxury of ignorance. You see, Mistwatch is a bit of an embarrassment. Not just because it’s smack dab in the heart of civilization, but for numerous other reasons. Some of which would require flowcharts to explain.

The elders can remember a time when Mistwatch was a proud monument to Garou glory. When Ragnar Lawspeaker led the sept against the Wyrm. Ragnar still leads the sept. When he’s lucid. The change came over him when a great host of Black Spiral Dancers assaulted Mistwatch. Ragnar prevented the Dancers from corrupting the caern housed within Mistwatch, but at great cost. Many of his friends fell in battle. In the aftermath, Ragnar declared himself ruler of the sept. This is an illusion. Ragnar shares an uneasy truce with his inner council, all of whom believe they’re running things.

Mistwatch’s reputation has grown so notorious the Get of Fenris has sent an advisor to Ragnar. He is after all, one of their own. His failures make them all look bad. And if there’s one thing the Get hate, it’s looking bad. Also, brown people. Ragnar accepted the advisor in the hopes he’d tip the council in his favour. Alas, the advisor has proven more nuisance than anything else. Always asking questions. Ragnar is beginning to suspect he may not be a Fenrir at all…Who’s ever heard of the Vrikodara Jata?

Ragnar hopes to isolate the sept from the problems besetting the Garou Nation. And it would be easy to ignore Mistwatch, except for one thing: The caern it houses is unusually powerful, making it a magnet for all things spiritual. The good and…not so good. Worse, the caern is growing stronger, and soon not even Ragnar’s obfuscation will keep it hidden. An urban caern of incredible power is just the kind of thing to get all manner of ne’er-do-wells slavering. Ragnar knows this, and he’s willing to do anything to preserve his position. The caern too. Of course.

He has a plan to ensure Mistwatch will never again be threatened. Not by Black Spiral Dancers, not by the Garou Nation. No one.

But how to put it in motion?